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Most back pain is mechanical in nature, meaning it involves joints, muscles and connective tissue like tendons and ligaments. If ignored, the underlying dysfunction can worsen and affect the shock absorbing discs in your spine potentially causing worse injuries like disc bulges.

Most minor to moderate back pain comes from joints that aren’t moving properly, irritated joint ligaments, and muscle spasms.

Joints that are stuck and aren’t moving through their full range of motion can cause irritation and referred pain. The more “stuck” they are, the more pain they can cause. Muscles around the stuck joints are frequently in spasm. Muscle spasm causes pain and further restricts joint motion. This cycle compounds until things are so stiff you get a situation where:

The Straw Broke the Camels Back

You may have experienced a situation where you bend over to tie your shoe and your back complete seizes up. Here’s how this happens…

When your muscles become tighter and tighter you lose a lot of muscle function. A relaxed muscle has more ability to contract than a tight muscle. When everything is tight and your joints are restricted your muscles become more vulnerable. Tight muscles lose the ability to contract and relax. They are always tense.

In this situation you might stretch one of the small delicate muscles between your spine bones that is already tight. As you bend over the joint separates and forces the tight muscles to stretch.

Muscles have stretch receptors in them to monitor muscle length and stretch. These stretch receptors are hyper-sensitive in a tight muscle. As the joints move apart and the muscles between the joint stretch, there can be a very strong reflex in the muscle to spasm further. The muscles’ hyper-sensitive stretch receptors fire as a reflex to the stretch. This reflex can cause everything to lock down and cause more severe pain.

Chiropractic is very effective at reducing this kind of pain and getting your body back in balance. As a chiropractor I look for these areas of joint malposition or joint restriction and muscle spasm. When I find a joint that’s stuck or not moving properly with tight muscles around it, I put a quick force into the joint to get it moving again. This is known as the “chiropractic adjustment.”

How the Adjustment Works

The chiropractic adjustment works on the joint in two significant ways. It gets the joint moving again, and the rapid force reflexively causes the muscles around the joint to relax. If all the surrounding muscles are spasmed it will often take several adjustments to get everything relaxed and moving properly.

Not only do adjustments help you get out of pain and restore proper bio-mechanics and function, maintaining a healthy spine can help avoid worse injuries down the road.

Spine bones that are immobilized and not moving properly can cause the shock absorbing disc between the bones to become dry and damaged. The discs maintain hydration and their cushioning properties through movement.

Have you ever tried to get a really dry sponge wet again? If you squeeze the sponge under running water the sponge will get wetter faster and become a healthy sponge again. Your discs absorb hydration from surrounding tissues in a similar manner. Movement in your spine “squeezes” the discs through motion and allows the disc to maintain hydration and its cushioning properties.

When the bones in your back are stuck and not moving properly, the discs don’t have a good opportunity to maintain hydration. In a scenario where you are experiencing back pain the discs are not getting the movement they need to stay healthy. This can lead to disc degeneration, disc bulges, herniations, bone spurs and more.

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