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Your spine can wear out over time, just like your car, your shoes or anything else you use.

Years of compounded injuries, macro and micro trauma, and just life in general can all wear out your spine. Here’s how it happens:

A healthy spine is an aligned spine. A healthy spine has all of its bones moving properly and through full range of motion. Trauma like car accidents, head and neck impacts, years of poor posture, and other events can all worsen the health of your spine eventually causing degeneration and chronic pain.

How do Things Get Bad?

These traumas can throw your spine out of alignment, change the load bearing characteristics and prevent proper joint range of motion which all contribute to accelerated degeneration and dysfunction.

When your spine is properly aligned, the bones stack up like dinner plates. The weight on each bone is evenly distributed across the entire bone surface. Trauma can cause your bones to shift and twist out of place and change the alignment which alters the weight distribution on the bones. These misaligned bones can stay that way if they aren’t adjusted by a chiropractor. Chiropractors are the only people licensed to adjust your bones to restore proper alignment.

When a bone is out of alignment it can put increased stress or weight on one part of the bone. You’ve probably developed callouses on your hands from working out with weights or doing yard work. Callouses occur on your hands from increased wear on your skin. Your bone can build up callouses too. Instead of a tough skin callous, your bones build up bony callouses in response to increased stress and wear. The areas of your bones with increased weight bearing or stress will build up bony callouses. This is how bone spurs form. Bone spurs can limit range of motion and eventually push onto nerves exiting your spine. This will lead to chronic pain, weakness and numbness and tingling.

When a bone is out of alignment and not moving through its full range of motion other areas in the joint break down as well. The cartilaginous discs that provide cushioning to your bones get dry when the joint is stuck and not moving properly. Chiropractors call a stuck, poorly moving joint a “subluxation.”

When you have subluxations in your spine the disc can dry out. When a disc is dry it becomes narrow and doesn’t cushion your bone adequately. This will lead to a damaged disc and increased stress on the bone, increasing the likelihood of altered weight bearing and bone spurs. Damaged discs can bulge or herniate and push on nerves in your spinal canal or nerves exiting your spine. This can cause pain, weakness and necessitate a cane or walker when very bad.

These two problems, misaligned and poorly moving joints due to lifestyle and trauma, compound and amplify each and cause your spine to degenerate. You can avoid degeneration from occurring with regular chiropractic adjustments throughout your life. However, a degenerating spine will require extensive structural rehabilitation to restore health and function.

The Good News – Chiropractic Can Help You!

I specialize in rehabilitating degenerating spines in my office. I have a lot of unique and proprietary procedures I perform in my office to rehabilitate your spine as fast as possible. I might not be able to get your spine back to 100% “normal,” however I can certainly get your spine as healthy as it can possibly get. This will restore your lost function, reduce your pain, get you back to enjoying your favorite activities again and give you the best chance to avoid surgery.

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