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The most common injury from an auto injury I see is whiplash. Whiplash is a rapid acceleration and deceleration of your neck. This can tear the delicate ligaments that hold your spine together.

Your body absorbs a lot of force and energy when you’re in an auto accident. Acceleration and deceleration can injure other areas in your spine as well.

Other injuries can include low back pain, hip pain and even knee pain from an impact. You don’t need to be going fast or hit by a fast car to suffer a whiplash injury. Accidents as little as 8 miles per hour can cause whiplash.

Mechanics of a Whiplash Injury

The rapid acceleration and deceleration in an auto accident can tear the small ligaments that hold your spine together. If your spine doesn’t get the treatment it needs to heal properly it can cause accelerated degeneration and cause severe problems down the road.

Auto accidents can tear your spinal ligaments. Your ligaments hold the spine together. Your bones will be out of alignment if your ligaments are torn. If your spine isn’t properly rehabilitated your bones will heal out of alignment. This changes the weight bearing characteristics in the spine and causes portions of the bone to have more stress and wear. This combination of changes will cause accelerated spinal degeneration in the future.

Potential Long Term Damage

In a normal spine the weight is evenly distributed across the surfaces of your spinal bones. If they’re out of alignment part of the bone will bear more weight. The increased weight bearing will cause that portion of the bone to build up a bony callous which will eventually become a bone spur. Further, if the bone is out of alignment it can’t move through its full range of motion. This will cause the discs to become unhealthy as well. Motion allows the discs to stay hydrated and cushion the bone. If these discs dry out they can be susceptible to disc injury include disc bulges.

To summarize, auto accidents can tear ligaments in your spine. If your ligaments heal with your bones out of alignment it can prevent proper joint range of motion and alter weight bearing characteristics. This all leads to premature degeneration that can significantly reduce your spine function and overall health.

How I Can Help You

I do a very detailed history and injury analysis in my office to see exactly what is injured. I will almost always take x-rays as well. I take a special kind of x-ray called a “motion study x-ray” which shows me exactly what spinal segments are injured. After you take x-rays I can explain the full extent of your injuries. X-rays will also help me create a game plan that will get you out of pain and rehabilitate your spine as fast as possible.

It’s vital to see a chiropractor after an auto accident so you can restore as much function as possible and give you the best shot to heal properly and maintain a healthy spine.

My office specializes in auto accident spinal rehabilitation. I have tools and special techniques that will get you better as fast as possible.

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