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Disc Bulges in the Spine

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Disc bulges can cause radiating pain that runs all the way down the leg, along with numbness and tingling. Disc bulges can severely restrict your daily activities and cause debilitating pain. I’m an expert at rehabilitating disc bulges and have a great track record of fixing disc bulges so you can get back to living your best life and prevent the disc bulge from getting worse and possibly requiring surgery.

Before we get into my treatment, let’s talk a little more about disc bulges and how they occur.

The spine is made up of 24 bones. There is a cartilaginous disc between each spinal bone. These discs are soft and provide shock absorption and cushioning to the bones. The discs also allow the bones to move and add flexibility to the spine.

Lack of joint motion in the spine can prevent the discs from staying hydrated and soft. Bulges are especially prevalent in the lower back because of increased weight bearing and general lack of lower back flexibility. Over time the discs can become dry and begin to degenerate.

The discs between your vertebrae have a soft center that does the actual cushioning. This soft center is called the nucleus pulposis, and is like the jelly in a jelly donut.

When a joint is out of alignment and not moving properly the disc begins to break down. The misaligned bones alter the weight bearing characteristics of the bones and can put more pressure on one side of the disc.

Over time the excessive pressure on one side of the disc can push the soft center to the other side. As time goes on the inside of the disc can bulge out, just like the jelly in a jelly donut may bulge out when you squeeze on a jelly donut. This can unfortunately get worse.

If left untreated, the bulge worsen can push further outwards and turn from a bulge to a hernia. This would be roughly equivalent to the jelly in the donut squeezing out. Disc herniations are usually a surgery situation. However, if you get treatment while the injury is just a disc bulge, I can help.

A disc bulge is a fairly serious injury and takes some time to treat. Treating injuries like a disc bulge involve mechanical rehabilitation of the spine. Like any type of physical rehabilitation it will take some time and some work to correct.

My unique chiropractic protocols and methods allow me to rehabilitate disc bulges as quickly as possible, and quicker than other chiropractors who don’t use my combination of proprietary techniques. One of my specialties is structural rehabilitation and I take pride in doing an excellent job for my clients and getting them well as fast as possible.

If you believe you’re having a disc bulge, please contact my office at 408-380-4035 to set up a consultation or a first visit. At the first visit I get a detailed history and work like a detective to find out exactly what’s going on and how to most effectively solve your problem.

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