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Hi Neighbor! I'm Dr. Alex, and if you're dealing with any back pain, nagging aches or  headaches...

This is Just for You!

Get to the ROOT CAUSE of Your Pain
With my Comprehensive Chiropractic Analysis!

Dr. Alex Wiant


Hi, I'm Dr. Alex Wiant. I've been a chiropractor for over 10 years and helped thousands of people just like you!

I'm offering you this new patient special so you can start the year off right and tackle your nagging aches and pains so you can have a happier, healthier, higher quality new year!

Like a detective I will find the root cause of your pain and give you a comprehensive solution to conquer it! And if for some reason I can't help you, I'll find the right person who can!

My offer includes a comprehensive health history, spinal analysis and one adjustment. This is a $150 value, however if you take advantage of my special offer it's only $40!

Book Your New Patient Special Offer Today for Only $40

($150 Value)

I only offer 10 discounted first visit specials per month. This offer expires in:


You missed out!

You may not know me yet, However
Read what several satisfied Clients have to say:

I was lucky to meet Dr. Alex through my gym Sundown Crossfit. I had been looking for a new chiropractor for a while, and thought I’d give him a try – sure am glad I did!

What I like the best about my visits to Dr. Alex are that they always make me feel so much  better, and improve my range of motion. I really like that he always finds exactly what needs treating without my  having to say anything – he can tell what is out of sorts and correct it. I also like the fact that Dr. Alex tests everything – he checks and adjusts my whole body including ankles, wrists, shoulders, etc. He makes sure everything is aligned and functioning properly. I see Dr. Alex 1-2 times a week, and if I ever have an injury or emergency situation, he always finds a way to make time to help.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Alex and Chiropractic Advantage [note: this is my former practice name in Willow Glen] if you are looking for a caring, understanding chiropractor who will listen to your concerns and work with your body to make it function at its best.

-J.C. from Yelp

Book Your New Patient Special Offer Today for Only $40!

($150 Value)

We are Conveniently Located in Cupertino, Just Minutes from 85 and 280!

Here are Some Benefits You May Experience with Chiropractic:

A Pain Free Life, Without Drugs and Surgery

Why cover up your pain with drugs, or wait until you need surgery? Most pain in the body is simple to fix and can be solved conservatively! Chiropractic addresses the cause of the pain, rather than just the symptoms. This means in most cases chiropractic can solve your pain naturally and without relying on drugs or resorting to dangerous and debilitating surgery!

Getting Back to Your Favorite Activities Without Pain!

Maybe your pain is preventing you from your favorite activities or hobbies. Whether you want to spend time gardening, lift more weight in the gym, run a marathon or just play with your grandkids, life is a whole lot easier when you feel good! Take control of your health today and live life on your terms without limits!

Higher Sense of Well-Being

Patients frequently tell me they just feel better overall with chiropractic. Here are a few more benefits you may experience with chiropractic:

  • Feel more relaxed - Chiropractic will align your bones and relax your muscles to reduce tension throughout your body
  • Fall asleep easier and enjoy deeper, more restful sleep - You can fall asleep faster and wake up less throughout the night when your body is relaxed and pain free!
  • Stand taller and enjoy better posture! Many people tell me they feel their posture is taller and feels natural after they are adjusted!
  • Improve sports performance and athleticism! Whether you want to do yoga better,any people tell me they feel their posture is taller and feels natural after they are adjusted!

Book Your New Patient Special Offer Today for Only $40!

($150 Value)

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