Do You Have a Pain in the Neck?

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Chiropractic offers effective neck pain relief.

Most pain in the body is mechanical in nature. Like I explain on my back pain page, most pain in the body comes from your joints, muscles and connective tissue.

You have seven bones in your neck. These bones need to be all moving properly relative to the adjacent bones in order for your joints, connective tissues and muscles to be healthy.

Anything from previous injuries and trauma, repetitive stress, and even things like sleeping wrong and posture can prevent proper joint range of motion.

The bones in your neck can occasionally get stuck and not move properly. This can be caused by compounding injuries over time or acute injury.

What Causes a “Pain in the Neck”

Pain in the neck can often be a result of bones and joints that are stuck and not moving properly. Chiropractors call these joints “subluxations” and it is exactly what we look for and treat.

Stuck joints in the spine are accompanied by tight and spasmed muscles. The stuck joints and spasmed muscles can cause pain. The joints are irritated because they aren’t moving through their full range of motion and the muscles cause pain just from the spasm itself.

As a chiropractor I look for these areas of poor joint range of motion. When I find a joint that’s not moving well I put a quick force into the joint to get it moving again. This quick movement is called the chiropractic adjustment.

The chiropractic adjustment gets the joint moving better and forces the joint’s surrounding muscles to relax as a reflex. This reduces your pain and restores the joint function and bio-mechanics.

How Long Will it Take?

The length of time and number of adjustments necessary to restore function and reduce pain depend on the overall condition of your neck. This includes the severity of injury, amount of present degeneration and history of trauma. Naturally someone young with little trauma and no history of injury will recover faster than someone older with a history of injury or trauma.

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