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For More Confidence, Better Self-Image and a Better Functioning Body

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If you want to have good posture naturally, without having to think about how you look, or “faking” good posture by holding your shoulders back or sucking in your gut, I can help!

Hi, I'm Dr. Alex, a local chiropractor in Cupertino, and I've been helping people just like you for over 13 years.

Just like you I used to suffer from bad posture.

I figured out how to restore my muscle balance and improve my posture so standing tall was natural and I can help you do the same!

I focus on correcting your structure, your spine and skeleton, and the muscle imbalances that contribute to poor posture, to offer a comprehensive solution to improve your posture.

If you'd like to finally tackle your poor posture once and for all, for more confidence, a better self image and a better functioning body, click the button below to make an appointment for a free consultation.

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Bad Posture is More than Just Aesthetics...

Sure, bad posture can affect your appearance and self-confidence, however poor posture can also:

  • Cause headaches and pain in your neck, shoulders, and low back
  • Limit strength and athletic performance through muscle imbalances
  • Lead to heartburn and poor digestion
  • Contribute to poor balance increasing the possibility of falling and injury
  • Reduce lung capacity causing shortness of breath, limiting your ability to exercise and participate in physical activities
  • Put pressure on your heart and circulatory system potentially increasing blood pressure
  • Lead to poor range of motion in your neck and back, making it difficult to look around while driving
  • Cause disc degeneration and arthritis in your spine, further limiting function 
  • Ultimately handicap your ability to live the life you want...

The Good News Is:

You Can Fix Your Posture, and I Can Help!

I specialize in "structural correction and rehabilitation," where I help people achieve lasting structural changes in the spine.

Similar to how braces straighten your teeth, I work to "straighten" your spine and restore the natural appropriate curves in your spine.

My comprehensive program is custom tailored to you and your spine and includes a comprehensive assessment of your spine and posture, in office treatments and at home stretches and specific exercises to restore balance to your body. 

After your course of treatment we'll compare how you look and you'll see for yourself the tremendous changes that took place.

Here are some benefits you'll experience with better posture:

  • No more worrying about how you look and being self-conscious
  • Improved self-image and self-esteem
  • Higher levels confidence and respect from your peers and others 
  • Increased strength in your hips and shoulders for more athleticism and better physical performance
  • Better balance and coordination and increased performance playing golf and other sports
  • Larger lung capacity for increased ability to exercise and participate in physical activities
  • Improved function of your nervous system
  • Less pressure on your heart and circulatory system potentially leading to lower blood pressure

You can also rest easy knowing you're in good hands because...

I Provide The Best Care You Can Get

Best Patient Comfort

Trust and safety are paramount in my care. I custom tailor my care for your body type to make sure you receive the most effective chiropractic care available. Whether you are a 24 year old athlete or an 80 year old, you will be comfortable with my care!

Best Education

I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2010. Since then I have spent thousands of hours after graduating continuing to learn and perfect my craft!

High End Treatment

A lot of chiropractors just adjust a couple places in your spine and that's it. I check everything from your feet to your neck, to make sure your entire body is aligned and functioning as well as possible! Additionally I have specific and unique protocols I put together myself to ensure you get lasting results fast.

And Get Great Results for My Clients!

Dr. Alex Wiant works wonders! I didn’t realize how much I needed to see a chiropractor until I went here with a friend who had an appointment. I ended up getting an adjustment too, and it made a remarkable difference in my posture. Years of slouching over a desk and being on my feet all day at work have left me with poor posture and some lower back pain... After a basic adjustment all of my back pain was gone and I could immediately tell that my posture had improved. After just one session, simply slouching over, which would have felt normal/natural to me, had felt fairly uncomfortable, while sitting up right felt amazingly easy.

David D.


I'm conveniently located in Cupertino near Highway 85 and Stevens Creek Blvd!

Ready to Your Posture?

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