When I’m setting up a shot on the course, or setting up a deal in my business, the last thing I want to be thinking about is neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Wiant has been a breath of fresh air in helping me play, invest, and feel my best.

Jeff Heilman, Entrepreneur / Pro Golfer

Instantly after getting adjusted I felt like someone put oil on my joints. I was so amazed that I had to call my wife and tell her how great I felt.

Vasadia Dharmendra

If you asked me a few years ago if I would ever see myself going to a Chiropractor on a regular basis I would have laughed at you! Today, I go for weekly adjustments and enjoy the associated benefits –  do I look back and think “fool!’? Yup! Why? Primarily because Dr Alex is an extremely knowledgeable professional. I TRUST a doctor that continually looks to the forefront of what his profession has to offer its patients. It tells me I am going to an individual that has complete passion for what he does and therefore provides a standard of Chiro I am extremely satisfied with and indeed comfortable enough to have my father (scratching the belly of 75 years) join me for an adjustment. Dr Alex is an extremely friendly and accommodating doctor he listens, and is not shy in sharing his knowledge with you. You have questions, any questions, Dr Alex’s office is the place to ask and receive your Chiropractic needs. Give him a shot i guarantee you will be hard pressed to find a similar experience. Today is another day lost and tomorrow never comes so just do it!

Guy W. from yelp

Doctor Alex is way too young to be this experienced/ knowledged. I pulled my lower back muscles and I was not able to move at all without really strong pain killers that my doctors at ER gave me. The 4 different doctors I visited told me that my problem is bulge  disk lower back and it needs to be fixed with a surgery.

I have always been against surgery, so I started searching for alternative options like a massage or acupuncture so it might help.

One of the health centers recommended DR.  Alex and told me that  if Alex can’t fix it then do what the other doctors say.

I went to Dr. Alex the same day and he said let me give you an alignment which I have never heard of before.

Alex found the problem area and told me to stop taking medication from now on and feel the pain area so you can adjust it yourself before making it worse and rest as much as possible.

I listened to what Alex told me to do and a week later I was able to move around and 2  weeks latter the pain was completely gone.

I now visit Alex at least once a month for alignment.

-Mir M. from yelp

I went to see Dr. Alex for an adjustment – not only did I walk out of there feeling really awesome, but the adjustment itself was….FUN!  Dr. Alex knows how to distract a rigid skeletal system so that he can manipulate what he needs to efficiently and without pain.  I won’t give away his secrets, but when he tells you to wiggle your toes, just do it!

Liz K. from yelp

I was lucky to meet Dr. Alex through my gym Sundown Crossfit. I had been looking for a new chiropractor for a while, and thought I’d give him a try – sure am glad I did!

What I like the best about my visits to Dr. Alex are that they always make me feel so much  better, and improve my range of motion. I really like that he always finds exactly what needs treating without my  having to say anything – he can tell what is out of sorts and correct it. I also like the fact that Dr. Alex tests everything – he checks and adjusts my whole body including ankles, wrists, shoulders, etc. He makes sure everything is aligned and functioning properly. I see Dr. Alex 1-2 times a week, and if I ever have an injury or emergency situation, he always finds a way to make time to help.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Alex and Chiropractic Advantage if you are looking for a caring, understanding chiropractor who will listen to your concerns and work with your body to make it function at its best.

J C. from yelp

I went to Doctor Alex because I had extreme damage to my wrists. I haven’t been to a chiropractor before and my body seemed to be fine. He filled me in about all of my questions that I had and taught me a bit about what chiropractors do. Like I said I thought my body felt fine but after he was done I felt amazing!

I started to notice a difference in my every day activities,  more flexible than before. Quickly saw a change at the gym and during skating.

As far as my wrist he gave me some contacts to people who knew who could help me which I appreciated because my normal doctors would turn me down.

Definitely a 5 star for Doctor Alex!

Patrick W. from yelp

I was first referred to Dr. Alex by a friend of mine who raved about his work and monthly membership. My experiences with other chiropractors were not the best, they were expensive and I could not afford weekly visits. As someone with scoliosis, I was constantly uncomfortable and suffered from daily headaches. His prices are very affordable and I was thrilled to be able to finally afford chiropractic care.

My boyfriend and I have been coming to Alex for over a year and we have never felt better. We are definitely reaping all chiropractic benefits. His hours are flexible and I can pop in whenever it works with my schedule, no appointment necessary. Alex is knowledgeable and passionate about his work. He is honest and genuinely cares about his clients. He has become a friend of ours. I recommend Alex to all of my friends and co-workers; the ones who have gone in for adjustments are now regular members as well.

You don’t know what you are missing, you should definitely come in for a visit and you will want to come back all the time!

Brit T. from yelp

I came to Dr. Alex specifically because my upper back/neck felt like it needed an adjustment. I was surprised that I practically got a full body realignment, from my ankles and feet to my wrists and even my clavicles!

I actually need to see Dr Alex more often because I have the tendency to come in only when I feel like something is off in my body… But I definitely will only see Dr. Alex for my adjustments!

Stephanie P. from yelp

I too was referred to Dr. Alex by a friend and I have been extremely pleased with his treatment and his kind friendly demeanor. His ability to adjust me is just what i was looking for and needed. His prices are very reasonable which is why I came to him in the first place, looking for more affordable care. I highly recommend you call Dr. Alex and give him a try, you will not be disappointed!

Todd N. from yelp

Dr. Alex is simply the best! I’ve been going to see Dr. Alex for almost 2 years. He is thorough and very knowledgeable.  He takes time to listen and alter his treatment to help you and what you need.   I had just started to do CrossFit and was paying for the years of inactivity and the getting old thing.  Dr. Alex’s treatments definitely help me get through the week’s workouts.  I highly recommend Dr. Alex.

Daniel L. from yelp

I met Dr. Alex about 6 months ago and I am so happy I did. My back and neck feels so much better since I have been going to Chiropractic Advantage weekly. Dr. Alex will always listen to my pains and will take special attention to make sure my body is back in line. I love his flexible hours. I drop in on Tues or Thurs without an appointment which works really well with my hectic busy life. Thank you Dr. Alex for your chiropractic care!

Sue Y. from google plus

I first started to see Dr Alex about a year ago because I had some old skateboarding injuries i.e my back mostly that was really irritating me. After the first month, the improvement I felt was outstanding. Now after a year, my body feels more in-tune then it did 10 years ago. I am grateful for Dr Alex for how I am feeling today, and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional chiropractic doctor.

Phillip G. from google plus

I was lucky enough to run into Alex at the MMA Evolution Expo in San Jose. I’ve been to quite chiropractors in my time and he is honestly one of the best. I definitely recommend Chiropractic Advantage to anyone in the San Jose area.

Jordan K. from yelp

I’ve been getting adjustments on and off for almost 15 years now from at least 4 different chiropractors. Most of the time, its just a snap crackle pop where they just pop my back and my neck.

What I liked the most about Alex was that he looked at my whole body, adjusted my ankle, knee, hip, wrists, elbow, collar bone.. he pretty much check everything to make sure it was in alignment. I hadn’t had an adjustment like that before. I definitely could feel the difference in my knee and shoulder the most (because I had never had those adjusted before). In short, I feel great. Definitely the best adjustment I’ve had; very thorough.

I will definitely be back.

Anastacio R. from yelp

I went to Chiropractic Advantage two months ago because I felt some pain in my lower back. Since it was my first time seeing chiropractor I had lots of questions but Alex was very nice and explained everything very clearly. The treatment was shorter than I thought turn out to be very effective. On the same day I start moving more freely and the lower back pain gone.  Since I’m martial artist and work with my body a lot I decided to keep seeing Alex for adjustments and keep coming for short treatment two- three times a month.

Shlomi K. from yelp

Dr. Alex Wiant works wonders! I didn’t realize how much I needed to see a chiropractor until I went here with a friend who had an appointment. I ended up getting an adjustment too, and it made a remarkable difference in my posture. Years of slouching over a desk and being on my feet all day at work have left me with poor posture and some lower back pain. Dr. Wiant also noticed that my right hip is fairly loose, which it has been for as long as I can remember. What is great is that Dr. Wiant doesn’t just deal with your back and neck, but adjusts your ankles, hips, wrists and whatever else needs adjustment. After a basic adjustment all of my back pain was gone and I could immediately tell that my posture had improved. After just one session, simply slouching over, which would have felt normal/natural to me, had felt fairly uncomfortable, while sitting up right felt amazingly easy. Needless to say, I will continue seeing Dr. Wiant regularly.

David D. from yelp

started to see Dr Alex about, year and half ago because I had pain in my lower back. After the first month, the improvement I felt was outstanding. Now I can wait to go back to get Align , lol,, my body feels more in tune. I like Dr Alex cuz he is soooo friendly and enthusiastic am grateful, I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get a better posture!, He is a great chiropractic doctor. Dr Alex Wiant.

Simon M. from google plus

I saw Alex at the NorCal fit expo, and he performed an adjustment on me. Even though I felt fine prior to the adjustment, I felt amazing afterwards. He found several sticking points on some of my joints, and released the tension. He is a very knowledgable person whom makes you feel like a valued client. I highly recommend his services!

Nick V. from google plus

We have been going to Dr. Alex for a while now. He is the best chiropractor we’ve used. He is very thorough and takes his time to be sure we are well adjusted. Very knowledgeable and professional.

Aurene P. from google plus

Very knowledgeable! Highly recommend! Affordable and Great adjustment!!

Jill D. from yelp

Alex was substituting for my regular chiro who was on vacation–I wasn’t disappointed. He did an adjustment for my jaw/TMJ issue and it really helped. I experienced instant pain relief in my jaw, thank you!

Amanda G. from yelp

I met Alex at CrossFit Moxie. After a few workouts that day, I was certainly feeling unbalanced. Alex took the time to talk with me and make the necessary adjustments to help me perform better and alleviate the pain that was nagging at me in my back. Thanks Alex!

Franco F. from facebook



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